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The Pathways study has been fortunate to have a consistent group of individuals who have been partners in the implementation of this study.

Investigators at the University of Pittsburgh coordinate the study and have primarily responsibility for all aspects of the study implementation.

Data are collected under contract with investigators at Arizona State University (Phoenix) and Temple University (Philadelphia).

In addition, other individual have been part of the working group, making operational and conceptual decisions about the course of the study.

Finally, this study could not have been done without the efforts of the individuals who have been in the field collecting data each day or those who support them. We also could not have survived without the careful work of the staff in the coordinating center. These individuals are listed below. We are grateful to each one of them.

Arizona State University


Julie Balzano(2001-2002)
Julie Barker Williams(2000-2006)
Margaret Barron(2001-2002)
Phyllis Bennett(2002)
Jeremy Broadbent(2002-2003)
Ismeal Cantu(2003-2005)
Angela Chicci (2000-2006)
Sylvia DeJohn Phillips (2001-2008)
Suzanne Faha(2000-2001)
Josh Goodine (2006-2008)
Scott Herweg(2006-2010)
Theresa Kundinger Sullivan (2002-2010)
Kathy Lorenz (2000-2004)
Kirsten Raisanen Marcks(2004-2010)
Anna Marie Quagliata (2003-2005)
Gilbert Ramos (2001-2006)
Josh Sammeter(2000-2003)

         Student Employee Participant Trackers

Brandon Carpenter (2000-2004)
Cynthia Rodriquez(2002-2004)
Christopher Jenkins (2002-2003)
Lauren Hathorn(2004-2008)
Sandy Pho(2004-2008)
Sarah Springer (2005-2007)
Lizeth Alonso(2007-2009)
Adriana Lopez(2008-2009)
Claire I. Yee(2009-2010)
Elisha Rust (2009-2010)

Temple University

Matt Bernacki(2003-2007)
Diane Chen(2009)
HeLen Chung (2000-2003)
Melissa Coroso(2002-2006)
Sonia Cota-Robles (2003-2009)
Traci D’Arco(2002-2009)
Marquita Earl(2003-2006)
Danielle Frolow(2003-2004)
Margo Noel Gardner(2000-2005)
Thomas Hecker (2000-2003)
Hilary Hodgdon(2006-2009)
Brooke Jordan(2000-2010)
Joanna Lee (2005-2008)
Michelle Little (2001-2005)
Julia Price(2009)
Aysha Rock (2007-2008)
Carla Simon(2000-2002)
Nora Sullivan (2000-2008)
Jackie Taggert(2000-2002)
Amy Tienstra(2000-2002)
Donna Tozer(2001-2010)
Alison Watts (2001-2003, 2008-2009)
Kate Wilson(2005-2008)
Melissa Wilson(2001-2010)

University of Pittsburgh

Amy Carper(2004-current)
Brian Carper(2005-2007)
Jessica Dean(2005-2007)
John Ernsthausen (2007-2010)
Dimple Ho (2000-2010)
Fungai Matambanadzo (2008)
Bryan Mills(2004-2005)
Sena Mills (2002-2006)
Debra Murray (2000-2006)
Robin Orlando(2000-2002)
Anurag Rai (2002-2004)
Mike Reel (2006-current)
Rebecca Rihs (2008-2009)
Christine Schreiber Thomas(2002-2003, 2007-2010)
Mark States(2002-2003)
Cindy Urbano(2004-2005)