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Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) - Subject Baseline

This measure appears in the following time-points: Baseline.

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Description of Measure

The Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI; World Health Organization, 1990) is a comprehensive, fully structured interview used to assess mental disorders. By means of computerized algorithms, the CIDI provides both lifetime ("Ever") and current ("Past year" & "Past 30 days") diagnosis as defined by the DSM-IV and ICD-10. The entire CIDI was not administered. The following eight modules were selected for the purpose of this study: Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymia, Manic Episode, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Dependence, Drug Abuse, & Drug Dependence. During the interview, all participants' are asked questions about selective symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Based on predetermined skip patterns, positive responses to these screening items are followed by more detailed questions to determine if the endorsed symptom is a psychiatric symptom and is not due to medication, drugs, alcohol or to a physical illness or injury. If symptoms are endorsed and occur in a pattern which suggests a diagnosis might be present, additional questions are asked to establish the onset and recency of the symptoms.

The CIDI was first administered at the baseline interview and then again between the 72-month and the 84-month interview.

All diagnostic scoring algorithms used by the Pathways study are from Ron Kessler at Harvard University.

The following variables are available:

In addition, we created the following symptoms counts:

Data Issues

At the baseline interview, the Pathways study used two slightly different versions of the CIDI secondary to changes implemented by the CIDI authors at Harvard. CIDI interviews conducted in version 1.05 or lower (approximately 40% of the interviews) were conducted using the "old CIDI" and interviews conducted in version 1.06 or higher were conducted using the "new CIDI".

The specific changes that were made to the CIDI are described in detail in the memo at this link: Cidi-Module-Differences-Working-Group-Memo.doc. The following is an overview of the modules effected by the changes and a general description of the change.

These changes all have important implications for the eventual generation of a diagnosis. In some cases with a change to the screening items or a change in the skip patterns, an individual may no longer skip into the full module as they had in the "old version". In situations where a question was added, we may be lacking answers to some questions that are used for scoring in the "new version".

These issues are not present when the CIDI is administered at the 72-month interview.

A total of 25 cases are missing the entire CIDI. Some of the IDs are missing the CIDI due to not being able to locate the subject to complete the second half of the baseline interview. The others are missing the CIDI for unknown reasons. These cases have been given a missing value code of '-99 - No CIDI'.

A total of 27 additional cases are missing the diagnoses for the three types (past 30 days, past year, lifetime) of substance use diagnoses (alcohol abuse, alcohol dependency, drug abuse and drug dependency). All other CIDI values are present. We are unable to determine why this data is missing. These cases have been given a missing value code of '-100 - Items missing: Unknown Reason'.